Fostering synergies to give your ideas the form it deserves

Do you have an idea? Stuck on where and how to start? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We convert your idea into a fully functional service. And support from a simple design to full-on deployment.
How it works


Completely confidential

Your trust means the most to us! Hence, we keep your idea confidential by signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).


Robust desgin standards

Designed by industrial veterans with great experience. Inexpensive & reliable designs with more features.


Complete support

Get your idea into reality. Complete range of support including Design, fabrication, assembly, testing & deployment.

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Why Vugha?

Vugha is an early stage start-up fuelled by young and dynamic professionals, striving to achieve the goal to be an Indian conglomerate. With the expertise of multi- disciplinary professionals and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we bring you the best-in-class technological solutions.

And yeah, we compromise with the cost not with the quality of our product & services.

  • Board Size- 3x3 mm (min) to 500x500 (max).
  • Board Shape- Rectangle, Circle
  • Board Colour-Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black
  • Board Layer- 1 to 8 Layer
  • Board Thickness- 0.4mm to 2mm
  • Board Panalization- V-cut, stamp holes, milling slots
  • Board Quantity – 5 min

Do we help you?

We are determined to serve people from all the backgrounds. In fact, we have designed convenient and dedicated methodologies for needs on specific domains like Academia, Industrial automation and Commercial outsourcing.

Not from any of these categories? Don’t worry! You are also in our count.

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Fast processing of requirements and pocket-friendly services for students, Professors, and academia affiliated R&D centres.

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Industrial automation

Fully customizable robust designs and military standard components & assembly to automate your industries.

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Commercial Outsourcing

Extended support to outsource commercial projects for companies from backgrounds like IoT, AI, Automation etc.,

Components & Schematics

Suitable components selection and schematics design.

Footprint & PCB design

Customized foot print creation and PCB layout designing.

Fabrication & SMT assembly

Multilayer PCB fabrication & fully automated SMT assembly.

Embedded Programming

Programming support for 15+ Micro controllers & processors.

End to End support
One stop for the complete solution

Feel comfortable and experience our service. We will take care of everything from End to End. And that’s Vugha for you! Our services include everything from component selection to embedded programs.

Completed Projects

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Here are some of our works designed and developed indigenously by our experts.

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