The best Desktop Application you can ever ask for

You have come to the right destination for the best quality desktop applications. Vugha!

Alluring Design

Beautiful theme and stylish visuals. Which are both attractive and plain sailing.

Devise Support

Our designs are optimized for all screen sizes without compromising quality.

Simple integration

Our application is optimized for an effortless integration with the client OS.

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Why Vugha’s Desktop Application?

A Desktop Application with smooth interaction, lustrous design and low latency which provides a immediate response to your client. You can never go wrong choosing Vugha’s Desktop Application service.

Some of the other features that we provide include:

  • Our simple to use UI design will reduce the manual effort from you and your client’s side.
  • Cross-platform working helps you reach a wide audience.
  • We will continue to support you even after the application is handed over to you.
  • High responsiveness. We provide you with a tightly coded and rehearsed application.

Not convinced yet?

We provide extended support and availability to you. Creating the application the way that you seek. Bringing your priorities straight.

We give you tools that can make your job easier and enhances your productivity. Which increases your client base.

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We value your security the most. Login credentials that help secure your application and monitor it.

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Design Structure

Flexible design structure which can alter according to your needs and iterate the application to your need.

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Analytics is the basis to grow your business. We provide you with analytical tools to get your customer base.

High Resolution

Our Desktop App provides the highest resolution for monitors of all sizes.

Creative Tools

We provide you with creative customization tools and enriched business tools.

Project Service

We deliver your projects within the desired time capsule and provide you with the services it needs.

Attract clients

Bring in the widest range of clients with our user-friendly and hand fabricated desktop app.

How do we work?

We work with you. Your ideas fuel us. Give us your idea and we will make sure you can bring it to the screens. The idea is implemented into a working sample, if the sample satisfies you then it becomes an application.

  • You control the look and feel. We implement it.
  • You control the information. We deliver it.
  • You make decisions. We bring them to life.

Software Screenshots

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Here at Vugha, we make sure we deliver nothing short of perfection. And there is nothing that illustrates that than our wide variety of options. Here are a few:

Frequently asked questions

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Alright, you have gone through our page, and yet you have questions to be cleared. We are here to answer your queries! Check below to get the answer, still didn’t find an answer to your question? contact us

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1. what should I choose Single Platform or
Cross-platform Desktop App Development?

Before beginning development, make sure the platform your app would run on. Windows, Mac, Linux, or cross-platform? Yes, our professional can help you to choose the OS which will define the specific language or framework we use. If your software is in need of customer demand or going to be sold to the massive general public. A cross-platform solution approach is advisable.

2. How much does the app development cost?

Cross-platform apps are budget-friendly, generally, they save 30% of cost compared to native apps. The cost also depends upon features, number of platforms, databases, etc.

3. What type of post-launch maintenance service
do you offer?

We provide app maintenance service for a variety of desktop apps. We help your app match with the fast-growing change in design and technology.

4. Is Desktop Development worth It?

We can make your application successful by covering business challenges opt for industrial experience. Explore our app development plans, projects to win new market segments, or support your core product.