Our Cool Features

Inventory Management

Simple intuitive inventory system which is easy to access and operate.

Well Documented

Get dynamic report of the sales and stock.

Highly Customizable

Increase your sales with easy to customize tax, rates, discounts options for various products.


Effortlessly scalable software to meet growing demands of your budding business.

Synchronization across branches

Synchronize your database with all the branches of your business group.


Preserve your data with our reliable and highly secure software. Your data is your asset.

Amazing Dashboard

Vugha provides an amazing clean dashboard to make your work much easier. Provide the maximum information to your customer in a user-friendly way.

1. Clean Code

Our dashboard is backed by perfect and clean code. You don’t have to worry about pesky controls

2. Returns and Invoices

Create and issue GST invoices and also files accurate returns.

3. History and Inventory Management

Content history management for easy backtracking. Clean and legible inventory screen for better management.


Screenshot In Details

Software Features

We provide top quality software features such as automated GST tax calculations. Automated data backup for all your historical bills. And invoice generation with the latest tax regulations. Latest tax regulation and lead generation.

Support Features

Multistage receipt generation support for varied hardware. Member support for managing multiple members/accounts. Lead support for maintaining and managing leads. And our professional tech crew is always here to support you.

Know Us

How does this work?

Simple. After you buy the product. You will be greeted with a login screen. For which you would already have the credentials for. That is how you would activate the product. Once your product has been activated. Select your action from the fast and highly responsive dashboard.

Here are some of our features :

  • You can manually modify the taxes according to your convenience.
  • The items in the inventory are automatically stored in the cloud, periodically.
  • Login key is unique hence providing you with maximum security.
  • Our Pricing

    Our Pricing & Plans

    • Billing Software
    • Offline Services
    • Stock Management
    • Daily report
    • Membership
    • Branch Synchronization
    • Multiple Cashier
    • Online Support
    • Stock Management
    • Online and offline Support
    • Database Backup
    • Multiple Cashier
    • Multiple Branch Synchronization
    • Scanner and Printer
    • Membership
    • Loyalty Cards
    • Gold Plan
    • Transaction SMS
    • Credit score system
    • Loyalty Cards
    • Membership
    • Technical customer support
    • Printer & Scanner
    • Redeem Authentication Support