Mobile app development for all your business needs!

We help start-ups become brand names and then venture in bringing your business into the mobile world.


Elegant and easy to use application. Helping you increase your consumer base.

Secure & Speed

Personal and sensitive information is fortified from any kind of malware. Without compromising efficiency.

Cross platform

Broaden your horizon. Bring your business to the most of the audience without any limits.

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You’ll find our design, service and US, THE BEST!

As our client, we will be there for you the whole time and help you grow, as your mobile application does. From idea to prototyping and from designing to deploying the best and optimized mobile app just for you!

  • Big picture - The idea! The first step for a successful business. We help you to explore different ideas. Enrich your business and market perspective.
  • The design - The visuals! The visual design of the mobile app should be simple yet inspiring and consistent. Vugha helps you by building an efficient and optimized app.
  • Mobile development – Latest Technologies! We provide advanced technology in Mobile App development. (Java and flutter for Android and iOS) To provide the best that there is.
  • Ready – Publishing! Publishing the app to users at the storefront. Bring your vision and hard work for your customer. We can make a lovely profile of your application.
  • Over and done – Congrats! The app is running good in the market. And you own it. We are here and you can be sure we are always available to help you anytime with any issue post-launch.

We love Mobile Application Development :)

Got an idea? Is your company already providing products or services without having a Mobile App? We are here to help you. Mobile design with better UX! Superior compatibility! And much, much more. Sign up with us! And we can provide the help you need.

Have an ASPIRING IDEA? Let’s convert it into a Successful App!

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Team Up

Let’s join to level up your innovation/business with the help of our expert solution providers with the latest trends and technologies under mobile application.

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Build Up

Knowing all your requirements for a mobile app, we can customize an extraordinary and an unique app to shine up your business. And provide the best for your customers.

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Stick Up

Your mobile app is done, is our work done? No! We are here for you by providing support to every app we built if you so require.

High Resolution

Our mobile App provides the highest resolution for mobiles of all sizes.

Creative Design

Dynamic, creative design to attract your customers.

Pixel Perfect

We provide eye-pleasing themes and which are clean and sharp.

Ratina Ready

With a high pixel density we provide the top-quality visuals.

Advance feature we provide

We believe the success of a mobile development project results from the mastery of important technologies and the user interface. Using appropriate methods and global understanding of the environment for maximum productivity.

  • One-click contacting
  • QR/Barcode Scanner Integration
  • Push notification
  • Crispy code, stealthy source

App Screenshots

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Don’t believe the words. Look at the magic yourself. Presenting the screenshots of our mobile app, and the lustrous themes we provide.

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Frequently asked questions

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Alright, You have gone through our page. Still, you have a few questions to be cleared. We are here to answer them! Check below for the frequently asked questions. If you have any queries unanswered simply contact us!

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1. I am not really a techie but want to
build an app. How can you help me
do that?

Just email us your idea, lets team-up to expound requirements and the flow of the app for your business, which will be followed up to build an app.

2. Will I be the owner of the source code?
What would be preferred backend and
database language?

Once the payment is done we will provide you with the source code. And you own it! We use application development programmes such as Java, React Native and Flutter.

3. Can you provide a valuation for
the project?

Yes, we will provide you with a guesstimate after the first discussion, on-call/virtually. Having an idea of the expected costs helps you to identify whether the concept is financially feasible or not. Estimates are educated guesses based on our experience, so please consider that the actual final cost may increase or decrease after a detailed analysis.

4. How do you provide data security for
my app?

A small ignorance in one stage can cause security threats. Knowing all the loose ends such as security breaches/information theft. We can use the following steps to make the application is secure: ➢ Using the authentication token system so that input and output are not pirated in getting data transmission ➢ Encryption of sensitive data to make storage of secure data

5. What if I need any customization in my app once it’s developed and gets live?

Our development team sticks to our client whereby. We plan a certain amount of developer time, each month, to constantly improve things for you. The modification in an app will be charged accordingly.